7.0 Useful Things
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Reading Glasses
Select appropriate bifocals
Blind in one eye
Looking for an EXACT match.
Pick List.

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If you want to find reading glasses in the prescription inventory, click on Readers under Lens Type shown in Figure 1.  Do a search and you will see Figure 2.  Notice that the 0.0 in the first column indicates an "Exact Match".

If you enter -1, -1 and do a search you will see Figure 3 which gives a list of glasses which will keep near sighted people from reading with the book attached to their nose.  Once again you will see 0.0 in the first column indicating an exact match.

Most people do not leave readers in their inventory.   They use the following option to list all the readers in their inventory and then physically remove them from inventory.  
Paintbrush Picture
Next the use the below option to electronically remove them from inventory.
Paintbrush Picture
They then sort the readers by spherical power of the right lens and hand them out using the reading chart like you see at this link.  They ask the patient to hold the chart 16 inches away and tell them the lowest line they can see clearly.   If they can see line 4 (+1.50) clearly but nothing below it clearly then give them 1.50 readers and they will be able to read the entire chart.  

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Suppose you have entered the pair of glasses as show in Figure 4.  Assume you set the options as shown in Figure 5 where Also is checked.   When you click SEARCH you will see Figure 6 where both the distance and the reading power are matched.

 Blind in one eye      Back
Supposed you had somebody who was basically blind in the right eye so you didn't much care if you have a match on that eye.  Enter as shown in Figure 7, set your options as shown in the top of that figure and then click a SEARCH and you wll see the results as shown in Figure 8.  Notice how the left eye matches very well while the right eye doesn't even show.

 Looking for an EXACT match.      Back
Supposed you wanted to get a 1.00 pair of reading glasses from the prescription inventory and you did not want anything else to appear.  Enter as shown in Figure 9.  Select your options as shown in Figure 10    Click on SEARCH and you will see Figure 11. where every line gives you an exact match.  Some bifocals show up but there is at least one part of the glasses which is exact.

 Pick List.        Back
Use the PRINT button shown in Figure 2 after you have made a search to print a paper list you can hand to a volunteer who will retrieve the glasses from inventory and fit them to the patient.  This list will allow you to quickly move on to the next patient.

Understanding the various options will allow you to come up with your own "Useful Things".