2.0 Getting Started
    The CD contains a SETUP.EXE which can be used to install this program in Windows 95, 98, 2000 and Windows XP.  Even though the program has not been tested on Windows ME, it is believed that the program will work fine on these operating systems.  For best viewing of the program, set your screen resolution to at least 1024 x 768.  Before installing this program, remove a previous version using Control Panel  Add/Remove programs.  
     Run this setup program to get the necessary files in place.  Note that this setup will place a test "Inventory.txt", and a "JournalFile.txt" in the root of the C drive.  You will later want to replace these files with your own files that represent your own inventory.  See 8.0 Inventory/Journal files setup for more information.
To install the program place the CD in your reader and:
                   1.  Click on START
                   2.  Select RUN
                   3.  Enter:  X:\Setup_Files\SETUP.EXE         (X=Your CD drive letter... usually "D")
                   4.  Click on OK.
and the program will be installed.   To activate the program:
                   1.  Click on START
                   2.  Programs
                   3.  and click on the "Glasses Inventory" program which looks like an eye.
Click here to see what the program will look like at startup.

Click here to start learning about the program.