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"Kendall Optometry Ministry, Inc" is a non-profit 501-(3)(C) organization.  All purchases that you make below are tax deductible. All profits from these purchases go to continue to fullfill the mission of the organization as stated here.

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 Computer programs produced by Kendall Optometry Ministry, Inc.
Prices include 1 year of free updates and support. Updates are downloaded from web site or may be E-Mailed upon request.

Part Number

Part Name

Item Description
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Eyeglasses Inventory Program
Program used in the mission field to keep track of your used prescription inventory and provide guidance as to their selection.   Includes built in video instructions.  Makes selection process straight forward and easy.  Click Eyeglasses-Inventory to read about the eyeglasses inventory program.
(See part number 10018 training CD below.)
Part of below training manual
Glasses Reader Program
Program used to collect glasses prescription from several models of lensmeters.  Also, provides manual or barcode entry of glasses prescription data. Creates file format compatible with Eyeglasses Inventory Program above.  Click Reader Program   to read about the Glasses Reader program.
Part of below training manual)
Both above programs.
Shipped in a dual CD holder.
Part of below training manual)

The cost is for each PC which runs the software.   Purchase multiple copies for multiple PCs.

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Part Number

Part Name

Item Description
Price Each
KOM Optical Training Manual for (Latest Version)

Complete KOM training manual including:
Tab 1: How to do many optical things (In your Optical Mission Team)
Tab 2: Userís Guide for the Eyeglasses Inventory Program Version 7.6-1 (or above) and Glasses Reader Program Version 4.6-14 (or above)
Tab 3:
     1) How Glasses Change your vision
     2) Operating the Reichert AL-200 Lensmeter
     3) Eyeglasses Preparation Task List
     4) Measuring Progressive Glasses + picture
Tab 4: Proview Interocular Pressure (IOP) Measurement Instructions
Tab 5: KOM Field Assembly Glasses Kit Instructions.
Tab 6: Eyeglasses Rack Assembly Instructions.
Tab 7:
     1) KOM Optical System Assembly Steps.
     2) Special procedures for the Retinomax 3 autorefractor Including:
     3) Retinomax 3 Cable Connection.
     4) Retinomax 3 Battery Installation and Charging
     5) Retinomax 3 Lineup in the case.
Tab 8:  Miscellaneous items including
     1) Adding extra space to the eyeglasses inventory duffle bag.
     2) How to handle the Glasses in this Box (Update inventory)
     3) English & Spanish Language Autorefractor Patient Information
     4) Spanish Reading Chart.
     5) Anteojos (eyeglasses) shingle for your optical clinic
     6) Optical Clinic Setup Steps
     7) Nikon Retinomax 2 Usage Instructions
     8) Fitting BiFocals.
     9) Cleaning autorefractor Lens
     10) Duffle bag brochure.
     11) Gusset bag brochure.
     12) Constructing an Eyeglasses Holder
     13) Eye Conditions.
Special folder:
     1) Barcode entry sheet
     2) Bulls Eye doubled in 4 pages.
     3) Bulls Eye doubled.
     4) Progressive Identification grid in 4 pages.
     5) Progressive Identification grid.
Also includes copy of both the Glasses Inventory and Reader programs plus a training DVD on the use of the Retinomax 3 autorefractor.
(Plus $15 shipping)
Reading Chart. (various languages)
A chart used to test people for reading glasses.  John 3:16 and some other Bible verses repeated many times.  Scale along the side give you the power of the reading glasses required.
(In Black and White)
Specify either:  Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Arabic(Lebanon), Bahasa, Bengali, Benba (Zambia), Burmese, Busede, Bisayan, Cebuano, Chichewa, Chinese, Creole, Dagbani, Dari, Efik, English, Ewe(African), French, Hatian, Hebrew, Hindi, Japadhola, Khmer, Lhukonzo, Longo, Luo, Luganda, Malagasy, Marathi, Mongolian, Morota, Ndebele, Nepali, Portugese, Pular, Romanian, Runyankole, Runyoro-Rutooro, Russian, Shona, Siswati, Swahili,  Spanish, Tagalog, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese Reading Chart (Black & white)
Retinomax 2 Training DVD
This is the Righton Retinomax 2 training DVD to show you how to use the instrument properly in concert with the Eyeglasses Inventory Program.
Included with above training manual
Reichert AL200 Usage DVD.
This DVD shows how to use the Reichert AL200 Lensmeter in concert with the Glasses Reader Program.  NOTICE: The Reichert AL200 Lensmeter can be purchased at a reduced cost directly from KOM by clicking this E-Mail link and indicating your request for a quote.
Included with above training manual
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 Eyeglasses Storage Box              Go to Duffle bag ----- >
Eyeglasses Inventory Storage Box.
This box is a crucial part of a smooth running optical mission.  Used in conjunction with the Eyeglasses Inventory Program, one can quickly and easily find the right pair of glasses for the patient.   The double wall construction is indicated when the outside box will be used over and over again to ship the glasses to different villages.  The single wall construction is indicated when the outside box will be used 1 to 3 times to ship the glasses to different villages.  Each box hold two trays of 80 pairs of glasses for 160 pairs per box.

Click here to see details about the box.

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Part Number

Part Name and Description
Quantity Range
Price Each
Double Wall (Outside box) Eyeglasses Inventory Storage Box
(Minimum order of 1)
(Does NOT include Shipping)
(Some in stock)
$45(Plus shipping)

 Eyeglasses Duffle Bag   Go to Box --->

It is sometimes important that the eyeglasses storage box shown above be carried on international flights.   Due to airport security requirements, these storage boxes might be inspected. It is also important for them to be protected against moisture and physical damage.  Using the Storage Box Travel Bag, the boxes may be safely shipped without having to tape them down.  This would avoid damage by inspectors who may cut the box to get it open for inspection.  Above is a picture of the Storage Box Travel Bag.  To the right above is shown the boxes being removed.  

Click here to see details about the box.

Part Number

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Price Each
Eyeglasses Inventory Box Duffle Bag

$30 (Plus shipping)
For larger quantities E-Mail:

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