Training Videos
 Here are 3 recent training videos that have been produced.
     1.   How to fit glasses to a paitient.                               Click-To-View              7 min, 5 seconds
     2.   Transferring inventory to the KOM laptop.          Click-To-View               3 min, 54 seconds
     3.   Prepare and Run your Optical Clinic.                   Click-To-View                1 hours, 16 minutes, 38 seconds.
            For item #3 click this link to see the timing information for this video.

Below are numerous YouTube training videos on the use of the two programs.  

------------------------   SESSION 1 ----------------------------
                             (What you do before your trip)
0.  Introduction to Session 1:                                            Click-To-View
1.  Review of the training manual:                                   Click-To-View
2.  CDs training and Install: -------------------------------------------------------
     a.  CD Video Training Usage:                                      Click-To-View
     b.  Installation of software:                                           Click-To-View
3.  Optical Principles presentation:                                 Click-To-View
4.  Identify types of glasses:                                             Click-To-View
5.  Introducing the Glasses Reader Program:              Click-To-View
6.  4 Methods of inputting data to Glasses Reader: ---------------------
     a.  Manual:                                                                        Click-To-View
     b.  Barcode Data Entry:                                                Click-To-View
     c.  OCR Data Entry:                                                         Click-To-View
     d.  Lensmeter Data Entry: -----------------------------------------------------
           1.  Single Vision glasses:                                         Click-To-View
           2.  BiFocal Glasses:                                                  Click-To-View
           3:  Progressive Glasses:                                          Click-To-View
7.  The mechanics of building inventory: -----------------------------------
      a.  Box assembly instructions:                                    Click-To-View
      b.  Labeling Boxes, Printing & Inserting Glasses:  Click-To-View     Updated 9/6/2022 to cover Update and vacancy labels.
8.  Merging Inventory Files:                                                 Click-To-View
      a.  Update inventory:                                                       Click-To-View
      b.  The Update Inventory Concept:                             Click-To-View
      c.   Manual and Barcode Field Entry:                          Click-To-View
9.  Epilog:                                                                                  Click-To-View

-----------------------   SESSION 2 -----------------------------
                 (What you do while you are running the clinic)
1.  Introduction to Session 2:                                        Click-To-View
2.  Purchase Recommendations:                           Click-To-View
3.  CDs and DVDs in Manual Front:                       Click-To-View
4.  Various Training Manual Items: -----------------------------------------------------------
           a.  Optical Clinic Setup:                                       Click-To-View
           b.  Cleaning the Autorefractor Lens:               Click-To-View
           c.  Measuring the Model Eye:                             Click-To-View
           d.  Retinomax 2 Training DVD:                           Click-To-View
             (Measuring a single patient)      
           e.  System Setup:                                                   Click-To-View
           f.  Using the many reading charts:                    Click-To-View
5.  Contents of the Autorefractor and
                Optical Cases:   A summary:                          Click-To-View
                Toolkit in optical case:                                     Click-To-View   Updated: 8/24/2020
                 Optical Case contents:                                   Click-To-View   Added:  3/11/2023
      6.  Battery Rack Setup:                                              Click-To-View
      7.  Laptop and Printer Setup:                                   Click-To-View
      8.  Fitting Eyeglasses:                                                Click-To-View
      9.  Retinomax 3 Autorefractor operation:              Click-To-View   Updated:  2/5/2022
     10. Using Eyeglasses Inventory Program: ------------------------------------------
            a. Layout of program & getting help:                Click-To-View
            b. Loading the last AR Readings:                      Click-To-View
            c. Listing/Removing readers and Manual        Click-To-View
                entry and retrieval of prescriptions. (Version 7.5-13 and above)
            c. Practice play and the use of the Wizard:     Click-To-View     (See Updated version below)
            d. Procedures sheet and plan for clinic:          Click-To-View
      e. Sample inventory file and loading your
                       inventory into Excel:                                  Click-To-View
            f.  Dual Laptop Operation:                                    Click-To-View
            g. Automatic Refresh feature.                              Click-To-View    Version 7.5-14 and above.
            h. Measuring a person's eyes.                             Click-To-View
            i.  Measuring a model eye.                                     Click-To-View   Helps with measuring a person's eyes
            j.  Manually enter patient prescription.               Click-To-View   NOTE: You much first go to options and click on
                                                                                                                                            "Record Manual Prescription Entries".
11.  Operation of Lens Rack & Confirmation
                      Twister:                                                      Click-To-View
      12.  Update your inventory in the field.                    Click-To-View    Prints DYMO 30333 dual labels to the DYMO printer in the kit.
      13.  Using Pinhole and Regular Occluders:           Click-To-View
      14.  Using the reading Chart:                                     Click-To-View
      15.  Snap-Together Glasses:                                      Click-To-View
      16.  Adjustable Eyeglasses:                                       Click-To-View
      17.  Proview tester for Glaucoma:                             Click-To-View
      18.  Eye Conditions and what they see:                  Click-To-View
      19.  Eye Diseases:                                                         Click-To-View
      20.  Eyedrop Instillation:                                              Click-To-View
      21.  Epilog:                                                                      Click-To-View

Updates for Glasses Inventory Version 7.5-3 and above.
       10.c:  Practice play and the use of the Wizard:    Click-To-View
       New: Using just part of your inventory.                  Click-To-View
     New:  Identifying the Dominant Eye                        Click-To-View
       Many New features of programs:                             Click-To-View   Updated: 8/24/2020   
       Constructing an eyeglasses Holder.                       Click-To-View   Updated: 8/24/2020
       English to/from Spanish Programs                         Click-To-View  Updated: 4/1/2022
Other Training Videos:
Hands on Training 11/19/2016
This is a nearly 6 hour video of the hands on training that we had in Louisville, Kentucky on November 19th, 2016.   It is a YouTube Video.
Click this link to see the video.

 Training videos:

Measuring Children W/O Dilation
Retinomax 2 Autorefractor
REICHERT AL200 Lensmeter
YouTube Video:
YouTube Video:
YouTube Video:
NO timing chart.
NO timing chart.

 Measuring Children Without Dilation.           
To get an accurate reading with the Retinomax 2 or 3 autorefractor (and any autorefractor for that matter) you must dilate.  We recommend that you dilate 100% of those below 20.  Between 20 and 30 dilate 100% if not rushed; otherwise, check twice and if a significant reading difference, then dilate.  Rarely must you dilate those over 30.  Wait 15 minutes for dilation to work. Flash penlight in eyes and wait longer if you get a reaction.  Remember to test children (before dilation) with clear glass glasses as they might try to trick you to get glasses.

 TIMING INFORMATION FOR "Prepare and Run you Optical Clinic" video.
                 TITLE                                                Time into Video
Build your inventory using a barcode scanner                10:06
Build your inventory using manual data entry.                 13:25
Build your inventory doing Lensmeter data entry.           18:48
Listing and Removing all readers from your inventory.  21:48
Review all HELP options.                                                        24:38
Options Setup                                                                            29:07
Review all Reports                                                                    31:30
File Dropdowns                                                                         36:09
Autorefractor Data Entry.                                                         48:07
Manual Data Entry                                                                     55:40
Refresh Person List                                                                  57:27
Remove & Return Glasses To/From Inventory                  59:36
Using the Wizard to find more glasses.                            1:00:42
HELP Options and Practice Play                                        1:02:45
All Other HELP options Including Quadrant Help          1:08:14
Options File Setup                                                                  1:09:40
Review All Reports                                                                 1:11:37
File Options                                                                              1:14:18
End of Presentation                                                               1:16:34

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