5.0 Useful Charts & Files
 USEFUL CHARTS                 Useful Documentation Files
This section documents several useful charts which can be used along with the operation of this program.  For a description of how various files are formulated go to 6.0 Inventory/Journal files setup.  This files may be found on the CD under the "Useful_Files" directory.

The below figure shows a Spanish reading chart which has been used many times in Honduras.  The way you use the chart is you ask the patient what is the smallest line number he/she can read.   If, for example, he/she can only read the top line number 11 you need to give him/her a pair of +3.00 glasses.  If he/she cannot even read the chart look for something stronger than +3.00;  HOWEVER, if the patient is putting the page very near his/her nose, then you may need to look for prescription glasses with a "-" (minus) value.  For line 9 and below give them +2.50.  If the patient can read line 6 or below then give him/her a pair of +2.00 glasses.  If the number is 4 and below then make the power +1.50.  If line number 1 then try a +1.00 or smaller.  Reading charts are available in 49 different language.  Just ask for them.  They are free.

These power number are guesses but frequently they are right the first time.

 Useful Files                                Back to Top.
On the CD in the Documentation directory are a collection of files which can be of value.  Here they are described in no particular order:

Agreement for the lease of autorefractor.                     This is an example of what you get signed and notarized to lease the autorefractor.
Autorefractor and Optical Case Contents.                   This shows you what to expect in the cases with the kit.
Glasses Inventory Summary Combined.                      This shows a page with links to a list of documents on the Glasses Inventory Program.
Glasses Reader Documentation Pages Combined.  This shows a page with links to a list of documents on the Glasses Reader Program.
Kendall Opt Ministry Brochure-Pages 1-2-3-4             This is a copy of the company brochure.
KOM Field Assembly Glasses Use - Combined.         This is documentation on the 400 lens and 200 frames field assembly kit.
Nikon-Retinomax 2 Usage Instructions                        This is a document giving step-by-step instructions on using the Retinomax 2 autorefractor.
Retinomax 2 Video Timing Information.                        This shows how to go to various positions in the training video at this link: