4.0 Reading Glass Inventory

      Inventory of reading glasses are only kept by the program as a number of glasses with a particular power.  You can show this inventory by clicking on the button at the bottom of the screen which looks like:
Bitmap Image
This will display the inventory list as shown in Figure 1  This figure shows that you have the following inventory:  48 of 1.00, 50 of 1.25, 47 of 1.50, 45 of 1.75, 40 of 2.00, 47 of 2.25, 49 of 2.50, 41 of 2.75, 49 of 3.00, 59 of 3.25, 22 of 4.00,  for a total of 497 pairs of glasses.
     Should you give out a pair of glasses you need to click on the appropriate cell.  When you do that the cell decrements by one and the total decrements by one.  Also both the cell and the total cell are marked in yellow.  See Figure 2 where the number of 2.25 glasses has been decremented by 1.  After having made the change, the operator can click on "Save Cells" and both yellow cells will return to a grey color indicating that the changes have been recorded to the journal file.  Also, after 10 minutes these changes will automatically be saved.
     If the operator wishes to make several dramatic changes then he can click on "Unlock Cells" and he will see Figure 3 where all the cells are now white (indicating "Unlocked").    The operator then clicks into the various cells and makes the appropriate changes as shown in Figure 4 and then clicks on "Save Cells" to save the changes and all the cells return to grey color as shown in Figure 1.
     If you go without saving for 10 minutes, the program will automatically save your data and turn off the yellow indicators.

Go to 5.0 Lens/Frames Inventory to understand how the snap-together lens and frames  inventory section operates.